Discover the World's Finest Seafood Delights

Delivered to Your Doorstep

Embark on a culinary voyage with JarrBarCanClub, your premium subscription for gourmet tinned seafood sourced from the globe's most renowned waters.

*Orders placed before 12/18 will receive a gift box with a note of their subscription and a "Happy Holidays" message BEFORE Christmas. Curated Founders Edition Jarr Bar Can Club Boxes arriving by Mid-January.

Savor the Sophistication of Global Seafood

Every tin in our Jarr Bar Can Club selection tells a story of flavor, tradition, and the art of seafood cuisine. Curated with care, each delivery is a testament to the world's rich maritime heritage.

Exclusive Selections

Handpicked from the finest coastal regions, our seafood selections offer unmatched taste and quality. Experience the best of Spain, Portugal, and beyond.

Culinary Adventure in Every Tin

Our experts pair exquisite seafood with the perfect accompaniments, ensuring an exceptional dining experience in every bite.

Sustainability at Sea

Responsibly sourced and sustainably packaged, we're committed to preserving the oceans while providing you with a guilt-free gourmet experience.

Brought to you by Bryan Jarr. Owner of JarrBar - "The Best Little Bar in Seattle"

Years in Business

Serving the Customers of Downtown Seattle, In Pikes Place Market

Years of Knowldege

Our staff has been sampling seafood from around the world

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Hear from Our Seafood Connoisseurs

Discover why Jarr Bar Can Club is the premier choice for seafood lovers and culinary explorers alike. Our members share their delectable experiences.

“Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! Cornerstone is both attractive and highly adaptable. Keep up the excellent work. I will let my mum know about this, she could really make use of Cornerstone!”
Brietta PimmFlipopia
“I will let my mum know about this, she could really make use of Cornerstone! Dude, your stuff is the bomb! This is simply unbelievable! Cornerstone should be nominated for service of the year.”
Noni KilnPlambee
“We were treated like royalty. Absolutely wonderful! I like Cornerstone more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff.”
Celina BatchleyWordify
“It really saves me time and effort. Cornerstone is exactly what our business has been lacking. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. No matter where you go, Cornerstone is the coolest, most happening thing around!”
Jeannette CankettGigaclub
“It's really wonderful. Buy this now. Cornerstone has got everything I need. I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! I will definitely be ordering again. I just can't get enough of how this thing operates.”
Orlan DallimoreSkynoodle
“Without Cornerstone, we would have gone bankrupt by now. Cornerstone impressed me on multiple levels. Best. Product. Ever! Thanks for the great service. Cornerstone is both attractive and highly adaptable.”
Elysia MacClayDablist

Prepare Your Tastebuds

Feast Your Eyes on Our Seafood Gallery

Each image captures the essence of our passion for premium, ready-to-savor seafood delights. Let the visuals tempt you into our world.

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Dive Deep into the World of Gourmet Seafood

Stay abreast of the latest trends, recipes, and stories from the high seas with Jarr Bar Can Club’s engaging blog.

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